Public static void

by Nothence

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released March 21, 2014

Written and produced by Fabio Scagliola

Fabio Scagliola - Guitars, bass, vocals, piano, and organ
Pietro Micheletti - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Alberto Rapetti in Verona, Italy, June-December 2013. Additional production and engineering by Alberto Rapetti

Album art, photos, and design by Fabio Scagliola


all rights reserved



Nothence Switzerland

Nothence is an independent alternative rock music project started by Fabio Scagliola in Lugano, Switzerland, in 2009. The fourth instrumental post-rock studio album "Proposed tracks for unproduced movies" was released on December 1, 2018. Three other studio albums were previously released: "Post mortem memento vivere" (2016), "Public static void" (2014), and "Portrayed by a blind painter" (2012). ... more

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Track Name: Chasms
Floating on the sea of unconscious
Hold your breath and look down to the bottom
Like a cracked and leaking wall of sound

Streams are flowing through the chasms, split the surface into plates
Take a bottle drink it down, wish you emanated less
Void and dissonant vibrations

Dive deep enough to reach the streams
Flowing out of inner chasms
Draw and drink it from the source and
Your aura vibrates in unison

The sensitive may dare, the sufferer was there
You have nothing left to lose, you have nothing left to fear
Face the darkest chasms, drink from the stream

Light's pulsating in the core, blinded by surrounding dark
You are held back by the fear of obscurity
Tied hands are striving for the source

Leave the empty bottle floating
A muse is chanting your way
Share your wondering with the wanderer and
Feel auras vibrate in unison
Track Name: Outcast
Consumerism foundation
Capitalism in control
Hollow hypocrisy

You spend your days in self-exile
Locked in your self-forged golden cage
At times it feels
More like rusty cocoon

Loner, not misanthropist
Years spent as a recluse
Lack of communication
Die from social starvation

You need to be a part of it
If you want to survive
Obey the rules to some extent
To reintegrate yourself
You'll never fully conform
But you have to come to terms
Any achievement of yours is
Only real when it's shared

Wake up in your life's changing room
Buried by piles of dismissed clothes
You can't remember
What you look like when you're naked

When you have nothing left to lose
Can tear away the clothes your wear
To play your role
In this life's fucking lie
Track Name: Lighthouses
Lighthouse, out in the darkness
Bearer of delightful gifts
Loner not meant to meet
Supposed to see not one other light

Makers spread them away
Preventing them from crossing their beams
If ever rays should reflect
Would become aware of each other's existence

Terrified at first
Have never seen a light
Before their own
What they were kept away from is here
Inspire each other
Project away their fear
Mutually urge
Creative escalation

Lighthouses, sooner or later
Sadly resign to seclusion
Emanate for no one else
Eventually they turn off their light

Earthquake, displacing plates
Floating over the tide
Bump into each other
Meet and can barely believe their own senses

Their engraved reflections
Holograms of their love
Becoming one
Makers who could create themselves
Their chains now broken
Shadow away diseases
When lighthouses meet
The gods themselves contend in vain
Track Name: Aura
How do you feel? Boat
How old are you? Dog
If this is real
I refuse to believe it

Purr the cat woman
Pollution in her bowl
Resentment and bottles
Coffee cup, cat, sun

Where is your god now?
Away from here

Creating sinners
Too busy suffering to death
Set himself hanging from a cross
Away from here
He doesn't love us
Just like a parent does
I would have never let this happen
To you, my son

Dark empty room
Down on my knees
Your hand on my shoulder
Puke light to the ceiling

Glide on the woods
Chop trees throwing lightnings
Adopt match-headed kids
Coffee cup, cat, sun

Where is your god now?
Away from here

Try to persuade us
We must be suffering to death 
Driven by fear
Mass fancy vision
Either I don't know what love is
Or he does not love us at all
Away from here
Track Name: Mirror
The man in the mirror talks despite my lips
He continues moving, though I just stand still
Laughs at what I do and preaches what I should
I reach out hands to his neck, only punch the glass

Take the mirror off the wall
Lift it up, then drop it on my head

Unite my two selves
Drip blood on splintered glass

Wish I felt the mirror bend and fit my shape
Melt down, wrap my body, penetrate my lungs
At last I meet my man and we become one
Or shards will cut my throat and I will bleed to death
Track Name: Destination
Strive to understand
What is significant to me
What I once was
Is just a dream

Where do you want to go?
Where are you going to?
You, do you know
The reason why?

You feel out of your place
Change keeping the pace
Just wait until
Your destination finds you

What is the whole point
Of spending your entire life
Trying to grasp
The point of life?

I wondered for a while
In the alcoholism's lair
Escaped with the help
Of my white friend

What difference does it make?
You don't have the time it takes
Just wait until
Stop searching pointlessly
You will be lucky if
Your destination finds you
Track Name: Scraps
Persistent feeling of ill will
Though I resent no injury
Open wounds and scars

So many tales to tell the world, but no one listens

Together we contribute
To universal beauty
Too bad it won't last

Nature creates its self-destruction weapons

Under the shower clairvoyance
Tentatively reanimate
Love dying
Balls aching
Watch TV
Against melancholia

Lethargic turtle, curlew's nest
Hand-feed me, change my diaper
My happy pill please!

Dare not, don't praise me, masturbate my ego

Drunk till the ocean, got lost
Scum feels attractive when it lures flies
Don't rub your breasts on me

Your cock is not with you, not here, tonight
Track Name: Sevle
Through the ash
That my clear eyes
Obfuscate and conceal

You alone
Could enthuse
The elf of future worlds

Beyond the infinite
Nouns and their opposites
In which we have declined

Behind the distant
In which we've transfigured

We strive to hide the love that remains
I know, you know
Though years have passed
Still sometimes nothing signifies without you

Sparks at first touch
Fire blows up
Burns us down 'til consumed

Being attracted
Then repelled
Nearness annihilates

Ash and mud
Hazy shards
My best friend your fallback

Hope bled out
I beg you let me go

We had to learn to live apart
We know, he knows
Charming bud of summer morning blossomed
When your blond angel perched on your lap
Track Name: Organ
Among my fields
Of gold and green
Sticky bounds are marked by silkworm-eaten rows of mulberry trees
Concrete pipes are growing from the ground

Scattered ranks
Of different heights
Every concrete pipe contains another one of transparent glass
Inside each glass pipe stands a naked man

Bodies lacking motion
Sunk in amniotic fluid
Their underdeveloped eyes can't see
Still they look up to the skies

And they sing
Till the skies are blue
No matter what
They sing
Despite everything
They keep on singing out

No air streams
Through their nostrils
Not one bubble rises up through the thick fluid from their lungs
The emanation is a flow of melody

Through their substance
They carry impressions
The pipes of the organ harmonically vibrate alive
Drawing melodies from their deep common ground

And they sing
Till the skies are blue
No matter what
They sing
Despite everything
They do nothing but
They sing
They don't give a damn
If no one listens
They sing
If you're there or not
They're not singing for you
Track Name: Fugue
In my twisted inner city
Till the darkness' eyes are shut, I see
I don't want to spend much time aware, for I could feel
All the vacuousness surrounding me
Swallowed up, where everything connects
Stuff myself within to compensate
Hear your footsteps getting closer in the corridor
Play my music louder over it

Identities conflict
My altered memories
Dissociate myself from me
Disorder rises
Pulses to escape

I don't want to run away
Please don't let this be again
Take my hand and make me stay
Tell me it's going to be ok

Still remember how it burst
Now I freeze when you get close to me
I'm too scared to take a deeper dive into myself
Where nothing is forever anymore
Stiffening time by jerking it is vain
You cry away your makeup, red-eyed cloud
When your perfume burns like flashes knocking on my door
I pretend I'm playing too loud to hear

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