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Portrayed by a blind painter

by Nothence

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Alone 04:57
I hope I'll learn the rules before it's too late I will hold my position evolving by not moving You'll find me here, lying on the floor when you come knocking On my door; I don't want you by my side I'd rather be alone Keep on looking ahead I will not change my mind I will keep on staring at the sun Until I go blind I won't change direction Desperation made me hang on to you You and many other unlikely handholds until I learned It hurts even more, when you're hanging from a ledge collapsing and You fall with it; I rely on my strengths only I learned to be alone
Empty room 04:43
I don't want to see that empty room I don't want to walk in there alone Too much light will blind my eyes Empty like the hall beyond the skies Lock the door Leave it all behind I don't want to see the empty room He will come to find When the lions roar Sirens disappearing from his mind Will you walk with me inside the room? Will I help you wear the shiny dress? I don't know if that suits you Or am I just too scared to let you in?
Friend 02:10
If you want to be my friend It's time for you to realize That I don't want to share your tales About the way you fuck him I don't think you know me Just because you saw me crying You've always got the answers to the questions That I haven't even asked Take a picture of my hand And shake it on your own Take a picture of my lips And kiss it when you're alone I don't see the reason why You stand so close to me I've never told you that I need your Support to stand tall You keep complaining that your efforts Drain your energies But I guess the way it works between us It's the other way around
Hand in hand 05:40
Dreamt a non-molded being In the darkest emptiness A fetus of pale white Emitting light of consciousness Approaching, the creature grows Evolving into a man Unfinished albino His face's got no identity Beings invoked by a god Too afraid to grow old Feel inadequate to Walk with him hand in hand Here and now, he can bend Space and time to his will As he drinks from the chalice Individuals become one Hair falls out of his body Covered by primordial ooze Those who respond to the call Give up reality They leave their ego behind Not afraid to become What they were meant to be Now they walk hand in hand
Immortality 02:19
Do you ever think that you would Actually would kill yourself? If I ever thought about it Yes, then I believe I would Some die just to live
It hurts 03:09
Hey dad, do you remember that new student of mom's? He sometimes pays a visit, always when you're gone Once I felt like they wanted me to leave them two alone Did mom tell you what I saw when I went upstairs?! It hurts I feel so alone I washed away her black tears dried on my white pillow And so the perfume that the sheets had stolen from her The scar left by her cigarette on the back of my hand The harder I scratch, the longer it will last
No name 04:46
The pain originates from The throat and the chin Moves down to the chest now and spreads The heart's under siege Contractions of a tissue Beyond control The body suffers from what The mind was denied The anger rises Defenses engage Enthusiasm is panic Going to give it up before the end Look through pictures sliding on the glass Focus on the light ring and loose the grip The bright cone's spinning counterclockwise again No name you know to define yourself The man in the mirror combs his His long golden curls Was told that he looked like an angel When he was a child He now feels like punching his chest and And crash into it To eradicate that grown hair That wraps up his heart The room's still empty The heart loses beats Nothing translates to fire Still I'm not going to forget nor forgive
On my own 02:45
You try to be like others Just to feel you're someone You try to be different So you can blame somebody else You're lost in the context And still you feel alone Why didn't you tell me?! I could have spent some time Some time on my own I'm glad I had the chance The chance to see you naked Be sure I won't regret! We don't share anything I'm glad without me you can Be yourself completely You don't have any boundaries That contain your sickness You've never asked yourself why You want what you want Do you really need it? Or do they want you to do so?! You're lost in the context And still you feel someone You should have told me! I would have spent some time Some time on my own
She wrote the story and she mailed it to the editor She delivered it herself and approved its publication. Now she Runs to the bookstore and points her finger to the copy Of her book in the window, but she knows That she's the only one who can see it It does exist For you at least It's what you feel That makes it real This is just another pattern A pattern of survival Just another crazy pattern A pattern of survival He spends his days and nights accumulating knowledge Which he loves to share with the many friends he's got When he saw the freak on that video of him, He realized that nobody ever could Have understood one word he had spoken If you exist For you at least It's what you feel That makes you real
Reminder 03:22
The cat scratches the kid Daddy slaps the cat Mommy wakes up drunk And unleashes her hell When I look into your Eyes and my heart trembles Hope my nose starts bleeding So I won't forget No more tries are needed My skin carries your scars Thanks for the reminder I won't forget Here is where I breathe You don't fit in here I've got my ghosts to fight Get out of my place Next time when I see you And butterflies flap their wings Hope my nose starts bleeding So I won't forget No more tries are needed I've got enough scars to lick Thanks for the reminder I won't forget
After all this long, long rain of tears The sun is coming back The sky is clear again
Unable 03:47
Do I miss her? Or do I just feel lonely? Do I love her? Or am I disappointed? It must have happened to me Because I'm strong enough I had to reach the bottom At least I hope I did When you were lying beside him You could still feel the sheets warm Warm as you and I had left them Waves don't show respect For those who have something to give At most they would not trust them Creative-hearted people We deal just fine now We do respect each other That doesn't help me I'm unable to detach from you
Where are you? Now that I'm looking for you Where are you? Anesthetic for my restless thoughts Without you I feel the need to love and be loved Make me insensitive Unaware, happily stoned I wonder where you are now that I want you I wonder where you are now that I need you When the heart Doesn't send and receive enough love The brain will start Asking questions and looking for answers But answers won't come All the answers lie in you I won't give up I will keep looking for you
Who am I? 03:32
Who am I to bear the load they want to share with me?! Have I ever wished to be the perfect listener?! She may not be productive, but she knows how to shake her ass They both leave early and come late - nobody's blind inhere He's too hungry after years of role-playing frustration and He cannot see the look upon the faces of his family and his friends He gave her the job and now he promises she'll have his heart one day Maybe she's in love... until the day she'll realize And then guess what... Don't look at me! Shut your mouth and close your eyes As I earn their confidence I put his role at risk Should I care about the balance and cut all the rumors down?! Repellently attractive - something about her Am I really going to help him or somehow I envy him?! He got blinded by a candle in the dark room of responsibilities Who am I to open up his eyes and help him see the truth?! From the moment he denied, I realized he'd never be a friend Threatened by his mirror image, turned his men into his slaves And then guess what... Don't dare to look at me! Shut your mouth and close your eyes


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released October 1, 2012

Written and produced by Fabio Scagliola

Fabio Scagliola - Guitars, bass, vocals, and piano
Pietro Micheletti - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Alberto Rapetti in Verona, Italy, April-August 2012. Additional production and engineering by Alberto Rapetti

Album art, photos, and design by Fabio Scagliola

The sun is coming back lyrics by Matteo Scagliola


all rights reserved



Nothence Switzerland

Nothence is a personal independent alternative-rock music project started by Fabio Scagliola in Lugano, Switzerland, in 2009

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